Traditional Italian Food With Seasonal Fall Vegetables

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Fall is here, and that means our seasonal menu is filled with classic autumn-inspired dishes and flavors.

Fall Vegetables

Autumn brings a cozy essence to the air accented with the warm natural colors of changing leaves, a comfortable breeze and an abundance of seasonal vegetables and grains that are loved by many. It’s a shame these plants can’t be in season all year around, but their limited nature brings an appreciation for the season and the gifts it provides. Like any great chef, we take advantage of the season with dishes that incorporate the greatest comfort foods that come in tandem with the cool weather and warm colors. Grab a sweater, and come get a taste of the season with our new fall inspired menu selections that capture the essence of autumn.


Squash, a relative of the pumpkin, is one of the earliest plants to be farmed.

Squash has been cultivated and eaten for over 10,000 years, and was originally grown in Central America.  The butternut squash variety is a Native American gourd, and wasn’t a common dish until the 19th century.  Brought back from Central America by the Spanish, the squash quickly became a popular addition to traditional Italian dishes. Today butternut squash is the most widely grown “winter squash”.  Planted in the summer, these gourds come in full season during October and November. They have an important part in the history of agriculture, and have served as a seasonal staple in traditional Italian fall dishes. Butternut squash is a healthy vegetable, and provides considerable nutritional benefits. It is rich in anti-oxidants, low in calories, contains no saturated fast, and is packed with dietary fiber and phyto-nutrients. It is also a source of vitamin A, and is commonly recommended as a safe vegetable for cholesterol controlling or weight-reduction programs. Our Butternut Squash Soup with leeks, ginger and dill captures the rich flavor of the seasonal winter squash with our own traditional Italian recipe complete with selected Italian spices.


Farro is an ancient and nutritious grain that is a popular ingredient in Italian recipes.

This unique grain offers a “nutty” flavor that sets it apart from other types of grain. The whole grain variety of farro is packed with fiber and important nutrients like vitamin b3 and zinc. Many people mistakenly assume farro is one grain, but there are actually three varieties – farro piccolo, farro medio, and farro grande. These grains are high in fiber, magnesium and complex carbohydrates, and may relieve menstrual cramps and tension with their relaxing properties. This fascinating grain has a long history as one of the important staples in the Roman diet dating back to as early as 44BC. This ancient grain has fed the Mediterranean population for thousands of years, and has been an important part of the traditional Italian diet. We have incorporated this ancient grain into our seasonal Farro Salad. This salad comes with Farro, Rapini, Butternut Squash, Currants and is topped off with Punt Y Mes Vinaigrette dressing. This recipe incorporates some of the best autumn vegetables in this traditional Italian salad.

pumpkin pie

No fall menu can be complete without pumpkin.

Like many other vegetables in the gourd variety, pumpkins are thought to have originated in Central America more than 7,500 years ago. Original pumpkins were small, hard, and had a bitter flavor. The Natives cultivated pumpkins for their flesh, and these were some of the first crops grown for consumption giving them an important role in the recorded history of agriculture. The thick skin they provided made them ideal for stocking and storing through the winter as a reserve food. Similar to other vegetables in the gourd family, pumpkins are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and provide great health benefits. Pumpkins and other varieties of winter squash have been incorporated into Italian cooking for centuries, and the most popular way to use it is as a sweet dish. Pumpkin pie is one of autumn’s seasonal dishes, and a fall classic for many cultures. The pumpkin is perhaps the signature vegetable of fall, and a symbol of the season itself. Our pumpkin pie is baked with a sweet blend of spices and is sure to satisfy your fall food desires.
fresh Italian produce

Italian food is revered for its use of fresh local ingredients that reflect the importance of food as a cultural staple.

Italians are proud of the food and the ingredients they use because it is a symbol of their history and a reflection of their environment. Because fresh ingredients are so important to the integrity of traditional Italian cuisine, seasonal foods are used in their dishes. Although not all the ingredients used in “traditional” Italian food originate in Italy, the cooking culture found ways to use these popular ingredients in a unique way that only Italian food can truly capture.
fall leaves

Our fall menu will give you a taste of autumn with high quality seasonal ingredients incorporated into our traditional Italian dishes.

While you’re there, check out some of our seasonal cocktails. These unique cocktails include some of the tastiest fruits in season, such as “The Beat”, a combination of Courvoisier, Ginger Snap, Beets and Grapefruit. Grab your autumn sweater, and get comfortable with some great Italian food and unique cocktails at Eduardo’s Enoteca.